Finally the time has come to launch my baby into the big bad world!

Its a daunting prospect to start your own business, with statistics quoting most businesses fail in the first 2 years no one ever sets out thinking that their business will be one of those.

So much technology has passed by during my time in broadcast.  When I started BBC1 and BBC2 used to close shortly after midnight, night time programming a concept unheard of.  Andy Peters and Philip Scofield were starring ‘Broom Cupboard’ presenters on the brink of CBBC.  The closest programming to reality TV was our department’s fly on the wall style community programmes.

Such was my ability to see the bigger picture AND see the detail I helped launch the BBC’s first digital channel; BBC3.

These days, not only do most people have the technology to film and edit in their hands, but a business is expected to have a video presence across the board, from training videos to glossy corporate presentations.

Throughout my broadcasting career I maintained high organisation levels which ensured the projects I worked on were on time and on budget.  At age 26 I was at that point the youngest Production Manager in Documentaries, a position I secured after being first a Secretary then a Transmission Assistant and Production Co-Ordinater.  Almost 10 years later I took redundancy, had children, started a business and freelanced in PR.

During the two years of PR work I got to know several successful entrepreneurs. Katie Olver, Kate Craig-Wood, it was this experience that both gave me the insights on how to build a successful business and to see the need in the modern business for video producton.

Purple Square Productions is built on my belief in quality, efficiency and value… it’s no surprise these are also the values of the BBC.  Today I am excited to bring broadcast standards to business.