2014 has been tipped for two things in the world of business. Video marketing and Podcasting.

A picture paints a thousand words, but a video can say a whole lot more. In today’s fast paced world people may not have the time or patience to sit and read through a document or leaflet, a white paper or case study. But a good, well produced video has instant grab appeal. You have a ‘sticky’ product.

So why is video tipped to take off this year? It is a combination of two things:

Technology – with the birth of the smart phone the concept of using the interest when you are out and about has become standard. The desire and normality to watch TV programmes, view videos and interact while on your morning commute, or during your lunch break has completely integrated with the modern lifestyle.

Lifestyle – we are in such an exciting age with technology opening doors we never thought possible in our lifetimes, what is happening is our lifestyles are totally changing. The way we absorption of information is changing. Advertisement posters are slowly moving away from paper, more and more are moving images, we are accepting re-marketing, where adverts follow you around and are tailored to your search history. We take for granted that we can see a street in reality not just on a map from the comfort of our home. Fast paced information is expected and video has come to the fore.

70% of the top 100 search listings on google are using video, but thankfully technology means that this incredible marketing tool is not just reserved for the big boys, it’s there for all businesses at every level.

So perhaps it’s time for you to look at how your company, business or brand could benefit from using video.