In your research asking ‘why should I use video in my business’ you have probably come across some highly impressive statistical data about how amazing web video is.  But is it really all it appears to be?  Should we believe the hype?

As a responsible video production company we thought we’d take some time out to interpret all this information in down to earth real terms.  Do you want to know the truth, then read on.

FACT:  A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.

TRUTH:  This fact is true, however, it is true when emotions are engaged in your video.  As well as a voice, and imagery that connects with the subject and viewer.

FACT; 59% of Senior Executives prefer watching a video over reading text.

TRUTH: YES! Senior Executives are busy and want the fastest and easiest way to get information.  But watch out, a video with low production value will equally put off a Senior Executive from using your product or service.  Your video MUST be quality.

FACT: Video increases clicks by 30-40%

TRUTH: A video can indeed do this, however, you must have a strong ‘call to action’ and a clear purpose for your video.

FACT: Video marketing is the fastest growing digital marketing technique – enjoyment of a video increases purchase intent by 97%.

TRUTH: You do need a video, but don’t just get one for having one.  Plan a video strategy within your marketing strategy; it should complement your whole range of tools.  Define what type of video to use, how to use it and where you will use your video or videos

FACT: Web visitors will stay an average 2 minutes longer on your website when you have a video.

TRUTH: Yes IF you have a good video which grabs attention in the first 10 seconds, viewers start to drop off at 60 seconds so again hit that market with more engagement, get your call to action in before 2 minutes.  Images and text is not redundant the video will quickly and effectively let your viewer know the other content you have so they know to continue to explore your site.