This week I had my dreaded visit to the dentist, I am one of those people who are phobic over going to the dentist.

But I did notice just how television has infiltrated the modern dental practice. In the waiting room there was a regular TV, great news for the nervous visitor like me, it helps take my mind off what I’m about to experience. Then as I moved into the dental chair there is a great big monitor, firstly so the dentist can show me in high def my X-rays and explain the work that needs doing. But then during the work, this monitor switches to videos and slides to relax me.

What a captive audience! Next to the screen was a poster ‘the 6 month brace’ I concentrated on reading every word and then read it again, anything to keep my mind busy. Why doesn’t my dentist have a film playing on his screen selling his other dentistry services to me? In fact, in this practice there are also a number of beauticians who do anything from hair removal to botox. What a missed opportunity, a film showing me who they are, what they do and what the results could be would certainly at this time of wanting any distraction be a message I would remember.

These would be videos I would concentrate and focus on more than any other time, needing to keep my mind away from the drilling, pushing and pulling in my mouth.

I guess the average dentist just hasn’t thought about the sales opportunity here yet. Often its the obvious we fail to see.

But this week I happen to have delivered my second whiteboard sketch for a dentist! Let there be any more.