Why exactly is video so engaging? It’s not all about the technology making video available and our lifestyles wanting to have fast information at our fingertips, is it?

Right, there is some scientific data to explain how our brains process information and why video becomes so effective at communicating a message.

The human brain absorbs information through senses, video engages the three primary human ones.

what you SEE, visual communication
what you HEAR, auditory communication
what you FEEL, kinetic communication

As humans, we usually have a leaning toward one of these, which we prefer to receive information by, however, by using all three TOGETHER you deliver a POWERFUL message.

By using animation in particular you are subconciously tapping into a childlike experience which is captivating and entertaining finishing off this increadible FEAST of a video ensuring your message becomes completely COMPELLING to the viewer.

A compelling visual message, an easy appropriate voiceover, music and sound effects together these deliver an emotional experience.