Drones seem to be taking over the world, from audacious Christmas presents to ideas of Amazon deliveries. Technology for filming a steady high quality HD even 4K image has come a long way, years ago we would have to spend large amounts of time in the edit to correct the image and often only short parts were good enough to use. But these days, and using our own top of the range kit, the images we can capture are stunning. Television programmes are starting to introduce filming in this way too, since it not only opens up the possibilities to show large areas, but it gives a new perspective to presenters talking to camera.  So is it time you considered how some aerial footage could help promote your own business.

Real Estate

Real estate companies use aerial footage to showcase the true size, layout and shape of a property. This gives potential buyers a bird’s eye view of the property as a whole, including its surroundings, different access and vantage points, and developments around the property, if there are any. In one clip, buyers will get the full top view of a home that they plan to acquire.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 21.23.15Resorts

Resorts use aerial shots to show potential visitors outdoor amenities and other enticing features, within and outside the property. Most people who plan to book accommodation usually look for photos to help them make a decision. If you provide them with an aerial footage, the more they will be convinced to finalize their booking, considering that videos are less likely to be Photoshopped or edited to look good. This is also one way to keep guests the best sense of how the resort is built and set up.

Construction Industry

Construction is one of the industries that benefit a lot from aerial photography and video. Construction companies can get a bird’s eye view of the development site even before the project starts. They can use aerial filming to get a feel of the spot where a building would be constructed. While the project is underway, sponsors, backers and contractors would want to see its progress, which is best viewed from an aerial vantage point. With footage providing exactly what is going on with the project, no corners will be cut and details kept in the dark.

Event Organizers

Event organizers film from the air because it is a great way to capture the overall view and progress of an event. The footage would then be used as a promotional material, for media releases, or as a video for a website or social media account.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 09.28.54Businesses

Businesses use aerial filming for marketing and branding purposes. Only a few marketers use an aerial vantage point for ads and marketing campaigns. Because of its rarity, it draws a lot of attention, especially for people who rarely see a bird’s eye view of a business or product.

There are plenty of applications of aerial filming that aerial drones are growing in popularity. Although filming can be done in other ways – a camera man aboard a helicopter, drones have certain advantages, especially unmanned ones.


Summary: The effectivness of aerial videos are, however, depend on the clarity and quality of the shot. What is the point of an aerial vantage point when the shots are of poor quality?  It is best to work with a video production company that can take care of all the steps involved from filming to editing and colour grading.  But most Importantly ensure that you use an insured and qualified licensed drone pilot.

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