How can you leverage social videos to your own advantage?


In terms of viewing hours, YouTube is 11x bigger than what the most popular social networking site Facebook receives with the videos found on its site. Everyday 46,000 years’ worth of YouTube videos are being watched across the world, and 8,000 years’ worth in the U.S. alone.

The figures show one thing – videos are becoming more important and essential to online users. And marketers should take advantage of the so-called social video, which is Social Media + Online Video. These days, how-to tutorials, interviews, and news articles are often integrated with online videos.

  1. Use video to boost social media marketing on Facebook

Instead of a text based About Us section on Facebook, add a featured video. Greeting fans or clients with a featured video helps create a connection that is easier established with videos than words.

  1. Create a channel trailer to attract YouTube subscribers

The trailer will automatically play for visitors that have yet to subscribe to your channel. Think of it as an elevator pitch to potential subscribers.  check out our youtube site – if you are not a subscriber our ‘feature video’ will play automatically.

  1. Curate videos on YouTube

An alternative would be to build your YouTube presence with curated videos. Use this in place of your own trailer, if you’re not yet ready to create one.

  1. Add video posts on tweets

Use video posts on social media. Instead of just adding a link of a video on your tweet, embed the actual video through Twitter cards. You can also use short videos to reach Instagram or Vine users.

  1. Create effective marketing videos

Using videos on social media is growing in popularity, but adding EFFECTIVE video is not as straightforward as it seems. For marketing purposes there are some things to consider.

The length of a video

Research revealed that viewers only spend 10 seconds to watch a marketing clip, with 20% of them likely to click away 10 seconds or less. On average, the attention span of desktop users is around 2 minutes or less, and 2.4 minutes for mobile users. So, for effective video marketing, keep the video short and concise, yet still engaging.

The placement of video

Video distribution matters. Although views on YouTube is high, majority of content marketers prefer to upload the videos directly to social media, particularly on Facebook. This means Facebook is retaining traffic. So between the social media giant and YouTube, where do you think it best to place your video?

The quality of the video content

When creating a video for marketing purposes, you need to remember two things: engaging and SEO-friendly. So the videos you upload should follow the same premise as any online content:

  • It should help solve problems, and provide consumers with new information.
  • It should be easy to browse, share and link to, which will boost online presence and draw traffic to your site. So create a user-friendly video section, with each clip having a separate landing page, instead of being embedded in a single page with other videos.
  • Make a video interactive by using in-video quizzes, links, forms and surveys. These interactive elements would help create engagement opportunities that could encourage users to take actions that you desired.  Check out Wistia and make sure you are set up as a Youtube Channel partner so that in-video links are enabled.

Keep these in mind, and your presence on social media will be fun to watch.