The Training Video

If you have more than 10 staff or if you have staff giving time to explain how to use a product or service then this is a video which will save you time and therefore save you money.

Pointing clients to a series of ‘how to’ videos is incredibly valuable, the client appreciates that they are being cared for and the information want is available at any point at their own convenience.  Make sure they are easy to find, that staff or auto responders point to them regularly, ensure they are clearly presented, explained in an easy to understand manner and that they are in very short chunks of time.  Voiced screen video on how to use software, or animated videos.

Safety training is a great example of how to save time and money on staff training.  Once the video is created, it can be rolled out to new staff and as refreshers to existing staff.  The content of a video can be more easily absorbed by the viewer, at their own pace and used for reference whenever needed.  Or organise a live webinar with a trainer, perfect if your workforce is not based in one geographical location.

The Event Video

Filming your charity ball, your conference, or awards ceremony, whatever the event filming it has many benefits.  All that money spent getting to or organising this special day or evening and only some nice still photography, or at worst some terrible selfies.

By having a professional film you further raise the profile of your company, publish clips on social media.  Keep important speeches on record to listen to again, or deliver to delegates on DVD.  Make the most of VIPs at your charity, get some great sound bites and interviews.  Encourage more attendees for next years event by showing how awesome this years was.

The Company Biography Video

All companies started somewhere, what’s the story of yours? Keep this important video on the homepage of your website and on your social media.  Use it to introduce your company to new partners and stockholders.  A beautifully shot film in documentary style telling the viewer the story of how your company came to achieve the success it enjoys today.  A chance to show off, to shout about the mile stones and achievements over the years.  If you have a milestone coming up this would be an ideal time to celebrate your company.

The Leaders

Every successful company has key leaders who drive the company forward.  With thought leadership articles, white papers, web head shots and biography text this person’s opinion matters.  By creating a thought leader video you are taking this PR and marketing thread one step further.  Give more confidence to your partners, customers, investors… by showing them a glimpse into what makes your company tick, what exciting future do you see for your company, what is your leader like?

The Sales

Whatever your company is built on, car sales, software as a service, handbags or beer a sales video is an important part of the sales wheel.  Your sales video could be in the form of a viral web video, a promotional video for your home page, it could be a commercial for TV or an informercial.  A real life shot film, or an animation – you can have an obstructively creative video or a straightforward ‘does what it says on the tin’ 🙂  The type of video must complement where the video or film is going to be placed.

There are so many other ways to use video in your company, but these are just 5 to get your imagination going.  Don’t worry if you are a small business, the same applies just a scaled down version.

The beautify of using more than one kind of video in your business is you increase your exposure and broaden your reach.  Different searches, different audiences but one ultimate aim; to let them know you are right for them.