A short well shot documentary style film based on one client’s story is an investment of marketing budget.



The answer is “Yes”. Sure, creating biographical testimonial documentaries take a lot of time, effort, and money, but your investment is worth it since these videos let you:

  1. Make your target audience notice you

People’s brains process visual information faster than text, which means they understand and absorb videos better than plain words and letters on a page. Because of this, the mere act of using video as a format for biographical testimonies will ensure that you’ll catch the eyes of your target audience. If you make your video interesting in the first few seconds and maintain its compelling qualities until the end, you’re sure that your documentaries will captivate your target audience and make them pay attention. You’ll also have the assurance that they’ll walk away with better knowledge and understanding of your business and that they’ll even consider buying your products and services.

  1. Build customer trust

Many people will ignore the spiels of business owners and salespersons but will gladly spend hours listening to what other consumers have to say. This isn’t really surprising since it’s natural for customers to distrust those who are selling something but have full faith in the actual experience of their fellow customers.

You can take advantage of this fact by creating biographical testimonial documentaries. Since they will be based on the stories of some of your clients (and not on your promotional spiel), the videos will grab the attention of your target audience since they’ll want to know what happens to those who use your products/solutions. Once they hear excellent feedback and know that your clients are satisfied with your goods or services, they’ll associate your brand with positive experiences and will ultimately trust your company.

  1. Show customers practical applications of your products/services

Unless you have a particularly complicated product or service, your target audience probably already are aware of its purpose. However, there’s a big difference between knowing what something is for and hearing how a real person actually used the item. By releasing biographical testimonial documentaries, you’ll spell out to your customers exactly how they can use your product or service and give them another reason to buy it.

Let’s say you sell laundry detergent and are marketing it towards average homeowners. Don’t just focus there, though; instead, create documentaries that show your detergent being used by car mechanics, moms with active little kids, hospital staff, and other people who usually have to deal with dirty laundry at the end of the day. By doing this, you’ll show your customers that your product can be used in a variety of settings and is useful for just about anybody.

  1. Develop an emotional connection with customers

Videos (particularly well-made ones) naturally evoke emotions. They make you laugh, cry, or feel warm and fuzzy all over. No matter what feelings you try to evoke through your documentaries, you’re sure that your customers will remember you for it and won’t forget your business anytime soon.

Biographical testimonial documentaries are some of the best marketing tools nowadays, so take advantage of them to promote your business and bring it closer to success.