How you spend company money is high on the agenda of creative agencies, businesses and marketing departments.

Man with cameraBut no one wants a ‘cheap’ video to represent their brand.  In fact, most people only really feel happy knowing they have received a product which they would have actually have paid more for, a product that exceeds expectations.  We believe you can have your cake and eat it.  But how can a video production company make a profit on this basis?

Our Video Production Company is unique, and we are happy to share how we make videos beyond expectations.

Experienced in Value ProductionBBC Channels Justina Rosu has delivered programming for

While at the BBC I worked across many different programmes, and over the years our budgets became tighter and tighter while the expectations for on screen value grew higher.  So this meant that as a Production Manager with the responsibility of coming in on budget and on schedule the pressure was on.  Pleasing the accountants AND the creative executives was an act to master, and master it I did.

From negotiating clever deals, not only on volume of purchase, but frequency, stature, exposure, experience and any other negotiating factor which could be leveraged.  To being a master in planning so expensive time on the clock was used to maximum effect.

Efficient Overheads

Keeping our overheads and company running costs to a minimum mean we don’t have large costs that need soaking up in the price we quote.  Every successful business will have some level of overhead, it’s unavoidable to some degree.  However we run a virtual office most of the time, while we do have a real location we love home office working also.  We don’t keep a full time staff, we do however keep a consistent team, again meaning you are only paying for a time worked, not an overhead staffing percentage.

happy laughing businessmanSomething To Prove

We are not shy to admit that we are ‘new kids on the block’ although extremely experienced in production as a video production company we have only being going since January 2014.  While we have already delivered over a hundred videos we are ambitious and we keep aiming higher.    To do this we need to show we can deliver the quality we say we can, therefore, at every opportunity we deliver a higher spec video than we were commissioned for. That new video helps us grow our business, and you get more than you paid for.  It’s a win win

If you are looking for a brand video, influencer testimonial mini doc or a corporate biography, to name only a few services, we are actively seeking to add value.  We thrive on creating partnerships with our clients, we want to make ourselves your ‘go-to’ for all your televisual needs.

Why not drop me an email, I’m sure I can help.