Animated web banner ads beware

There has been calls for the death of Flash for some time now, with some louder than others. Facebook’s chief security officer Alex Stamos, for example, is asking “Adobe to announce the end-of-life date for flash”, following revelations of the program’s major security vulnerabilities that have been exploited.

Flash ads would just pop up in front of web pages, causing browsers to slow down. Hackers have also been using flash ads and animations to wreak havoc again and again. Moreover, “Flash and mobile never worked well together”, according to mobile ad agency CraveLabs’ chief executive Jeffrey Peden. This is why over 5 billion rich media ad impressions have been wasted on mobile devices that don’t have Flash support.

This is why Amazon has banned flash ads across its network of sites, while Google has pause flash ads in Chrome since September 2015.

As much as this technology has been despised, its demise may not be entirely beneficial for the web. Readers would have fewer choices on ads when tech biggies advertise less with publishers dependent on ad money. Publishers themselves would be faced with diminishing revenue due to ad blockers. Advertisers developing for flash may be ill prepared for its death, causing major problems.

Does it feel like your own creative agency is about to lose flash?

….prepare for flashpocalypse.

Choose the right digital partner

All browsers are predicted to move away from automatic ad animation, turning them into click-to-play instead. Since it would be such a waste to ditch all flash ads, they can be built in HTML5 instead. This is a revision of the HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) used to describe the appearance and content of web pages.

Integration to HTML5 requires knowledge and expertise in digital ads and the technology. So make sure your digital partner has such capabilities to ensure that your flash ads will run properly on Google Chrome. With more than 44% people using Chrome, it is best to create ads that are compatible with the browser.

We would advise that you start to create your animated web banners in both flash and HTML for the time being.

Revive ads

With the help of a digital partner, you can then bring back your ads through animation conversions. Although this can be done using a software, the quality of the conversion might not be up to par, which would not be advantageous in any way. It is best to avoid complications. Unless it is a huge organization or company, a team of in-house HTML5 animators is not a good idea either.

Before sending revived ads back out on to the web, it is highly recommended to have them tested across different browser versions, operating systems and devices. Doing so will help ensure that converted ads will render properly, given that HTML5 runs natively on a user’s browser.