The past 10 years has seen retailers attempting to outdo each other and themselves in a bid to earn the crown of best Christmas advert. And to everyone’s delight, 2015 has been no exception.

With budgets climbing into the millions, it’s no wonder that we’ve all been paying so much attention to commercials around December. The investment in marketing at this special time of year has allowed adverts to match Hollywood levels of production value, with films that can dazzle with special effects and tug at the heart strings (as well as the purse strings).

This is our rundown of some of the best Christmas adverts of 2015:

John Lewis

John Lewis was perhaps the most highly anticipated advert of 2015, they’ve seen huge success with their previous campaigns such as Bear and Hare and Monty the Penguin. They’ve continued their trend of creating heart-warming tear jerkers, with a story about a man on the moon, and his friendship with a girl back down on earth. To date, they’ve managed to accrue over 24 Million views on YouTube alone!


Cadbury’s advert this year was part of a larger Christmas campaign to send 24 trucks (one for each day of advent) out across the country to spread free chocolate to the masses. A nice opportunity to shoot famous landmarks all over the UK, reminding everyone how widespread and successful Cadbury still is.


This advert might take the prize for most exciting advert of the year. With a series of extreme snow-sports aided (sometimes comically) by Argos products. The red and white theme gives the video a Christmassy vibe, but I imagine that this advert would be welcomed at any time of year.


This year M&S went for the more sophisticated approach, with a well shot advert with a strong black and white theme, occasionally dotted with a bright, Christmassy red. With massive choreographed dances and a soundtrack to match, it’s clear they’re trying to solidify their place with the titans of the Christmas adverts.


Sainsbury’s advert this year saw the return on Mog the cat, from the popular children’s books by Judith Kerr. This adverts ranks amongst the longest for this year at 3:30, but in this time they’ve manage to tell a fantastic tale of Mog burning down the family home on Christmas morning, using some fantastic 3D Animation coupled with live action environments.

With this constant escalation of bidget and production value, I can hardly wait to see what they’re able to come up with this Christmas!