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Several of our clients are Creative Agencies and Marketing Agencies who don’t specialise in video production, but who do want to provide videos for their clients when it is appropriate. We are your own personal Video Production Department.

Working with an agency is great fun, we get to know the team and they get to know and trust us. But what are the top 6 reasons agencies keep coming back to us.

1. Profit Margin

Everyone is in business to make a living of some sort, and we understand that your profit margin is one of the key needs of every agency who decides to outsource part of their business. Because of the repeat business we develop with agencies we are able to reduce our own rates, and make further savings by overlapping production resources.

2. Complete Discretion

Being discreet is essential. When we start to work with an agency we become part of your team, and we go to lengths to ensure that your client believes nothing else. We often meet with agency clients and always refer to ourselves as part of your company. In fact, some of our agencies have set up email accounts for us and printed business cards with us as their video department.

In addition, we create your own Vimeo channel if you don’t already have one so that any video drafts are complete with your company branding.

3. Your Own Show Reel

Sometimes when you are pushing for new business it helps to show the client other similar work you have successfully completed. This is often the case when the agencies we work with are suggesting different types of video. To help we create a show reel specifically designed for the pitch or industry or video style, again with your own branding. While we do not consent to videos that are not your own being used within your own publicity, we do allow password protected video sharing to demonstrate to your client how their video could look.

We do (unless otherwise negotiated) use all videos in our own marketing, however, we don’t use the end client’s name so it does not register on any SEO.

4. Creative Collaboration and Flexibility

We frequently brain storm creative ideas and execution. With our complete knowledge of film and animation production we can make suggestions and give fast estimates on queries. We also support new ideas and ‘out of the box’ thinking – from cutting edge techniques to basic video services.

On the other hand we love agencies with their own clear creative ideas, which are often incredibly refreshing and unique. Some agencies will have members of staff who will Direct and, or Produce the video and all we are needed for is to provide the smooth running production operations.

5. Full Service All Areas

One of our greatest assets is that we are experienced in all video and film productions. So, whether your client needs an animated web banner, an in-store video, a pre-roll advertisement or a television commercial, a CEO presentation, event film, conference coverage or testimonial, we got your back.

You can confidently say ‘yes’ to any video ideas and enquiries that your client may come up with, or that may be raised in your meetings.

6. Total Trust

One of the reasons we form long lasting relationships with our agencies is that we are completely trust worthy. Even when your client may have video needs outside of the marketing arena we still refer any queries to you – in the circumstances that the client has access to communicate directly with us. Any future work is always conducted via your agency.

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