GREAT DOCUMENTARIES ON THE WEB; ‘what the bleep do we know’ review

There are so many great documentaries available to watch through the internet, many are free and available to watch through YouTube and Vimeo.

‘What The Bleep Do We Know’

Great title, and totally on point, indeed this documentary demonstrates just how little we know about the world we live in.  As one interviewee puts it “history shows us that what populations thought to be unquestionably true are proven not to be (like the planet being round, and Gods not commanding the weather), therefore by the same context what we believe to be unquestionably true is therefore not”.  QUANTUM PHYSICS

This documentary is an extraordinary look at the science of the unknown…,  a brave and fun execution of a hard to grasp concept.

The documentary has an interesting twist; there is a creative narrative of a woman’s emotional journey, at times quite comical others very deep.  This story weaves through the interviews, which explain the story as it progresses, and there is a useful voiceover that steps in to keep your viewing experience on track through this very complicated subject matter.

One section of the documentary talks about emotions and how they are chemically created.  When the brain triggers a thought, “it’s like a thunderstorm erupting in our brains”.  No one sees the thought, but science can measure the storm moving around different areas of the brain, holographic images of emotion; rage, compassion, love.  The brain does not know the difference between reality and memory…  emotion created through connected emotional experiences.  We tell ourselves a story about our outside world which is coloured by our own experiences and by the emotion we bring to that view.  Practice something again and again, like being angry, being a victim, and you are creating a long term relationship between those neurones.  The same is true of emotions we don’t use, the connection breaks away and decays.

“What is emotion? There answer: holographically imprinted chemicals”

Chemicals are created to match an emotion, the chemical is called a PEPTIDE and our brain assembles these to match the emotions we produce on a daily basis.   Wow, they are telling us there is a chemical produced for every emotion.  So when we experience that emotion our brain creates the peptide and that is sent out to the cells of our body.  Our cells have receptors, one cell can have thousands of receptors.  A peptide, like a key in a lock, clicks into a cell and sends a signal to the cell.  The cell can then changes.  Happy cells are biologically healthier than negative emotionally triggered cells.

About an hour into the documentary there is a great segment about our cells, they are shown as transparent animated blubbers.  We subconsciously fulfil what we are looking for chemically….  They state that…  “if you can’t control your emotional state, you must be addicted to it”.

There is so much food for thought in this documentary, but all appearing to be backed up with scientific study.  I would recommend viewing.

Warning: there are some ‘adult’ clips.