What is the best way to promote your project to a wide audience, to impress your investors, attract potential new investors, spread the word to the wider world, raise your profile, increase sales or promote a new innovation?

The video trend is still on the rise and for good reason, in our fast paced world we all want information which is easy and quick to understand and digest… a good video does just that.

Consider how easily video is shared on social media and how easy video is to re-purpose for multiple uses, like at presentations, industry events, web advertisement banners, website etc. A video we made recently reached a massive 617,000 views on Facebook – wow right! Imagine if you could reach that many people.

Here are 6 ideas slightly less common to showcase your conservation project.

A documentary style video 

This presents an opportunity to create a more in-depth video explaining your conservation project, share with the audience how you plan on executing the project and a little history about the project or why it is so important. Introduce expert interviews with some important local and industry figures who add their views on the project. Sprinkle in some fly on the wall observational techniques to share with your viewers how this project gets off the ground, a little behind the scenes type of footage. Climaxing in beautifully shot ‘reveal’ material, totally showing off your end product with some final words from your main person.  Ideally you would want a duration of approximately 10-15 minutes. While a broadcast documentary is usually 1 hour, a web based documentary of this nature would be better as a mini-doc.


Very cool method to show the progress of a project, of course, this only suits a very visual kind of project, perhaps a renovation, or a habitat development. With an introduction at the start and at the end, this could be edited into any duration from 15 seconds to 2 minutes, hitting that social media share spec perfectly.

360 filming

A relatively new technology which you’ll start to see more of. You’ve seen the 360 degree photographs that estate agents often use now, well imagine using this technology but in a video !! What fun your viewers could have watching your conservation project as if there were stood there themselves. Use this as a stand alone video, or incorporate it into an interactive areas exploration, signposting different view points around the conservation site.

Let the product speak for itself

Simply create a video with music that beautifully showcases the project. Use aerial footage to get perspective and see the project from angles not otherwise easily achieved, see this living roof we shot a couple of years ago. Capture stunning footage of the environment of your conservation project be it a building or an area. Filming using tracks for long smooth travelling shots, or using one of our steady rigs to explore, these techniques will all stand your video out as a film viewers will be compelled to watch and share. Amateur videos are often let down but being shaky or on a tripod with the limits of just pans and tilts. Do the budget you spent on your project proud with an appropriately priced video.


We love creating animations, and this can be a great technique to use for a project. It might be that the graphics are integrated with filmed footage, perhaps delivering statistics, key information or plans. Or it could be a morphing of an area from real footage to graphically show what is planned to happen, this could be a 3D creation that transports the viewer into the future. Or an explainer style animation delivering information with a scripted voiceover, either abstract graphic look or a character lead type.

Short Information Commercial

Raise the exposure of your cause with a short and hard hitting commercial style video, for broadcast or web use, like this one we made to hit home the problem of ocean plastic waste.

Join other conservation causes like EveryLastDrop.com and the Zoological Society of London in using video media as a tool to showcase their worlds.

If you are interested to explore any of the above Video tools, then we got your back. Contact us or leave a comment below and we will get in touch.