For as long as they have existed, stores have tried their hardest to market their products to consumers from the moment they walk through the door. For decades this was limited to static visual media such as signs and posters, or audio announcements over low quality speakers. But with the availability of low cost, low weight televisions, it’s become possible for stores to use video to advertise to their customers in a whole new way. In-store video can take simple products advertisements and really bring them to life.

In-store video has a number of advantages over its predecessors. Retailers are able to catch the passerby’s attention with subtle animation and video movement in large digital posters on the way into the store.  In the store large video wall displays can further promote brands and campaigns.  From dentist tv advertising, video screens at the petrol station check outs and video advertisement on the underground escalators to 10m wide video displays at train stations, interactive videos at trade shows and billboards at busy junctions.  Really the technology is only just getting started, there is so much further to go.

But of course, in-store video can be used for much more than just simple advertising. Some of the more creative brands have used the medium to create interactive displays, or even broadcast live footage from all over the world. In 2009, clothing store Hollister used a wall of screens to show a live feed of Huntington Beach, CA in its New York branch, bringing the summery care-free atmosphere that the brand is famous for to the hustle and bustle of a major city. Other companies have taking a more traditional approach, such as Wal-Marts in-store television channel, which constantly loops infomercials of products for sale, complete with over enthusiastic hosts and product demonstrations.

It’s been shown that these new videos are more than just a fun distraction for consumers, a study carried out by Arbitron showed that 78% of people found in-store videos displaying products on offer to be helpful. And stores that used some kind of video display saw a 30% increase in unplanned purchases. More and more businesses are starting to recognise these benefits, and with such a high return on investment, even smaller companies are taking advantage of this new medium.

When it comes to keeping up with an evolving consumer base, in-store video is proving to be a powerful and versatile tool that allows companies to keep customers engaged, and although it may require greater thought and planning than traditional methods, with the right creative minds it can truly transform your place of business.  

Recently we have created Digital 6 sheet animated posters, here are three examples.  These play on large digital posters usually freestanding at the entrances for supermarkets.