Videos have time and time again proven to be one the most effective ways to communicate with an audience, and this holds true for internal communications within a workforce. The days of companywide emails and long drawn out speeches by CEOs are quickly being left in the dust by well produced, professional videos. Used to motivate, inspire, inform, train or even congratulate.


We’re starting to see companies recognising the value of video content and beginning to put much more time and resources into training videos that are as engaging and entertaining as they are educational, and it’s proving far more effective than traditional training methods that are easily forgotten or so tedious that they’re practically ignored.


Video is also being used to generate pride and loyalty amongst staff. Videos documenting large projects, campaigns and events can give employees a chance to see their role in the company, and how their efforts have contributed to its success. Whilst also seeing how everyone else has been working behind the scenes to make sure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

Filming behind the scenes in the offices and key locations, seeing the people making the decisions and the work coming to life, create animated statics to demonstrate the results and the journey.

This platform could also give the company a chance to thank everyone for all their hard work, a vital move to keep employees feeling valued and respected. The cost of producing videos like these is quickly overshadowed by the benefits in staff enthusiasm, moral and loyalty.


Create a clear direction for your brand with a video which can be viewed time and again to keep focus. Allow board members, Directors or other key stakeholders to communicate directly with the rest of the business. A video update from the CEO gives a whole new level of transparency within a company, as well as engages with workers on a much more personal level than your standard email announcements, increasing moral and giving a face to the once ominous ‘boss’ figure.

With a video the vision can come to life creating a buzz and an excitement for the future and the journey.


Accessed on the go from mobile devices, reaching all corners of the your company, play on loop in reception areas, keep on your intranet home page. A company with thousands of employees scattered across the globe can reach them all within seconds simply by emailing a link

Reflect and strengthen your company’s aesthetic and brand with the right production team, the only limit is our imagination. From animated training videos to behind the scene documentaries, internal video communication is the most efficient and cost effective way to engage with your team.