Marie Forleo is an entrepreneur that I highly admire. She was involved in the performing arts before she started her business, so even in the early days she had great camera presence. But you don’t have to be trained to still be amazing on camera.

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“I feel so uncomfortable being in front of camera”. If this is you, and it has certainly been me, then keep watching because I have 11 tips to share – yes, you read that right 11. I’m sure some will be of help to you to find confidence in front of camera.

1 – Remembering to breathe:

Breathing becomes very shallow when we’re nervous which makes you get more out of breath. So, by taking the time to pause and take a breath, it helps you to feel more relaxed as you continue to deliver your content.

2 – Think of the lens as a window into the mind of your ideal client:  

See the friend or the client that’s in real need in the lens. We’re looking directly into the lens and it is very important to really feel the connection with your audience or for them to feel the connection with you. For the person delivering, looking in the lens it can feel quite cold because it’s just a black dot that you’re looking at. So, imagine that’s a window into the life of the person who you’re wanting to help and to help them make changes for their life to be better.

3 – Have some extra notes:

Keeping notes that you can look at that are going to remind you about other things that you might need to say or do during your video. That could include remembering to ask for your subscriber or your viewer at the end to like your video, make a comment or it might be reminding yourself to smile while you’re in front of the camera or even to pause.

Practice delivering your content as well. You can do this just in front of the mirror, if the camera makes you feel nervous or just recite it over in your head. Even that will help but hearing yourself out loud is the real thing. It will make you feel more comfortable and relaxed when then you come to record yourself or perhaps do a livestream.

4 – Have a glass of water:  

One of the things that can put you off feeling relaxed in front of camera is if you start getting a tickle in your throat or your throat starts to dry up. Frankly, you’re probably not used to speaking so much without taking a break for the other person in the conversation to talk back. So, make sure you’ve got some water there and you don’t start getting that feeling and worrying that it’s interrupting your flow.

5 – Headline script notes:

Give yourself some bullet points or some headlines to help remind yourself what your content is. Even if it’s that stuff that you know really well because once you’re in front of camera, the nerves will kick in and you’ll find that you forget or you lose your train of thought.

6 – Laughter:

You don’t have to be a comedian to have some laughs with the video that you’re making. You can make fun of yourself and laugh at your own mistakes. Everyone will warm to you if you do that, so remember to smile, laugh and that will also help relax you, it will release those hormones, the happy hormones if even you just fake a laugh before you start to film.

7 – EFT (Tapping):

I’m a fan of EFT. It is an emotional freedom technique and by tapping these points it can help you relax as well. It’s been called the acupuncture for your body without the needles because you’re taking points around your body that have scientific proof to be connected to your emotions.

8 – Meditation:

It might be that you’re more familiar with meditating, so take some time out before you start filming and do a little bit of meditation. Find that still, quiet place and put a meditation recording on and listen to that so that you can become relaxed and serene right before you start filming.


Maybe there’s something I haven’t included that is the thing that you do to relax yourself and give you more confidence on camera. I’d love to know your ideas and thoughts, so please share that in the comment box below and help us all feel more relaxed and comfortable in front of camera.

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