My first attempt to film myself at my desk! It was so funny I decided to make my errors into this video.

This is a bit of a spoof, comedy video I made when I realised that I was making a pigs ear over getting myself set up to film from my desk…. I definitely poke fun at myself, I hope you find it entertaining and pick up some very valuable tips along the way.

An off the cuff fun demonstration of how to NOT do a bunch of stuff, but also some good how TO do a bunch of stuff also.

QUESTION: There are 5 techniques I have used for an engaging video I’ve not mentioned below, can you spot what they are?


“…so I didn’t realize that the lights that I bought over here, did not come with a stand. Also, the clip that the iPhone goes into that I’m filming from now did not arrive. So I have to wait and then I ended up having to, so the phone goes into here…”

Yep always check when you make an amazon order that the kit in the images is actually the kit in the order, it is not always the case and if you are a bit trigger happy like I was you’ll not notice and then be disappointed when the order arrives.

Stability is one of the key fundamentals to get right when filming, so do invest in a tripod, or two.


“…and then I realized that the clip mic that I’m recording through has quite a short cable….”

If you can not be heard, or if your audio is bad then your viewer will just simply click away, your video is useless, unless you have sub-titles or it’s a video that works on mute.

Investing in a clip mic can be cheap as chips, and it’s worth doing…. but think about how far you will be from where you are plugging that mic in, maybe you will need an extention.


“…..when I’m shooting with a professional crew, it can take an hour just to sort out the lighting, and that’s after you’ve got the lighting in place, just looking at shadows, working out where the light’s falling from, listening to different perspectives, changing gels in the lights, etc….”

But when you are filming yourself you just need to be seen, this mean; don’t have your main light source behind you, which will make you into a silhouette, don’t have a harsh light to one side of you because you’ll have ugly shadows across your face.  Try either one light in front or two lights off centre to your left and right.  Grab lights from around your environment, or purchase filming lights, they are not that expensive.


“…..sorting out your framing is really hard. Now, one of the things you might be wondering is “well why can’t I just work this out by looking at the camera?” But I’m filming on the front side of my iPhone because its a better quality film that you get from filming on the front rather than flipping the screen and seeing yourself while you’re recording.  Yes, its not ideal because, and as you’ve noticed, I’ve got to stop, have a look and see how that framing works. But once you’ve got that worked out, all is great….”

The joys of filming on your own if not having a subject to position in front of camera to frame around, so this does take a bit of time to sort out, IF you don’t have a flip camera and IF you want to use the HD side of your filming device.  Note if you are using your laptop or desktop you can still usually film HD with the web cam.


I didn’t use a script at all in this video, not even a script outline, it was ALL off the cuff and random rants, that I just stitched together in the edit.  NOT how I would advocate you make your video, but with some creativity you can make a compelling video, this is actually one of my favourite videos and it always gets a good response and high view to the end results.


You can see how some videos can work delivered off the cuff, and you’ve also seen how some things work and some things don’t work.

What are you going to do to improve your video creation?  oh and can you spot some of the other things I’ve done and not done in this video?