One of the most common questions I am asked is how to get started using video effectively.

Many business owners are already using video but without any context.

It’s like a chef, who doesn’t know how to use seasoning or herbs to turn the dish she is preparing into a masterpiece, that everyone wants to consume.

Sometimes she will pour in way too much salt, or omit it from the very dish it is most needed, or use pepper when that dish needs parsley. How much to use when to add it and how to add it… all have a huge influence on how effective that ingredient is to turning the dish into a success or a disaster!

There is one question I want you to get used to asking yourself EVERY TIME you decide to make a video, even if it’s a random live stream.



Every video must have a purpose, it has to fit somewhere in your video strategy, or if you don’t yet have one it needs to fit somewhere in your business strategy or plan.

Part of this means that you need to know if t his is a video to attract, engage or convert your viewer.  What action do you want then to take at the end of the video? 

In short, it’s your videos ‘WHY’. This shapes what the content will be.

If you are feeling comfortable with that question there is a second question I want you to then start to ask yourself.



When you make a video, write a blog, post a meme you HAVE to know who you are talking to, with video it’s just so much more apparent because you are actually talking!

If you don’t have a clear image of the person you are talking to then you’ll not engage with anyone, because no one will think you are talking to them.

Did you ever have the experience when you were in a crowd of friends, family or colleagues, perhaps at a party, or meeting for coffee in a room where you are milling around you say something out loud to the room but not actually to a specific person and no one replies? Please don’t leave me hanging here someone tell me it’s not just me this has happened to.

I’m not talking about addressing a room of people, that’s different, just casual conversation were you might say ‘did you see the salt?’. For example, and with everyone doing their own thing it happens that everyone thinks you are talking to someone else, and therefore no one answers you.

Tap someone on the shoulder and ask them, or shout really loud, or say ‘WHO had the salt last?’… Well, hopefully you get where I am coming from.

Being specific and clear about who you are talking to gets the attention of that person/group of people. 

PLACEMENT: Where will this video be published?

Finally you need to consider where your videos is going to be published, today this has a very big part to play since a video on Tiktok will be created very differently to a video for the home page of your website.


So next time you are ready to create a video ensure you ask yourself or discuss with your team these three fundamental questions before you start to give the success of your video the best chance possible.