Which of these 4 business creatives are you?
Or maybe you are all of them?


Content marketing is a large part for most personal brand lead businesses, and video content can be a powerful part of that. 

This full day’s shoot will be planned with scripts or script outlines
(we discuss this) with or without autocue.

We generally shoot between 8-18 content videos in a day, from scripted to off the cuff. I direct you on camera to be your best, and I get to know your audience before so that I know you are hitting the right mark.

All your videos are editing to a high standard with
your own edit style and brand elements.
We keep going until you are 100% delighted with the results. 

A word of warning. If you are thinking about this plan, then do consider if you can maintain this level of investment as a standard part of your marketing budget. I recommend still having self shot video and
I can help you create a strategy to achieve this mix.

£1950 +vat


The infopreneur world is booming, as we all love to learn online, and can access incredible knowledge, with more and more business owners and entrepreneurs creating courses as part of their income ecosystem.

Please don’t invest in pro filming until you have run your course at last twice.

Sometimes we can use your content filming day to create a course intro video and the rest of your course is self shot. That is where we create a ‘welcome’ video and introductions to the modules, sometimes an FAQ,
or ‘what next’ video.

But you might come to the point where you’d like to then film your whole course professionally. Most of the time this is a two day shoot, but you might have a mini course and need only one day.

There are several ways to shoot this style video which we will discuss.

NB: the price quoted is for one day and excludes location hire.

£1,750 +vat


Perfect for the Maverick business owners looking for
something more creative.

This could be your brand video, a sales funnel, a one off big production sales feature, or a creative video series, it could even be a documentary, or mini movie.

Think Tony Robins, James Wedmore, Stu Mclaren, Marie Forleo and how they all invest in sophisticated production videos.

This is your feature video.

Of course, this requires a bespoke budget to your specification, so the price quoted here is a guide. From drone aerial filming, multi location, or styled studio shoot, literally anything is possible.

Creativity is high on the agenda for a feature video or series, nothing is off limits, as a former BBC Producer I have worked on many kinds of shoots, and have spent a good deal of my career in creative development and idea generation.

What’s on your mind, book a call and share your ideas.

£3,760 +vat

THE EVENT creator

What’s your event?

When we film your event we squeeze every last bit of content we can get from your day.

Testimonials, speeches, promotions, spin off videos we edit these into several versions from individual cuts to compilations, short and long versions. As well as a pre-event promo with the material you have (or don’t have).

Workshop filming with one camera is the entry level. 1 camera filming the presentation and getting testimonials after. Creating one video of the presentation, a promo and testimonials.

Small events of about 50-100 delegates 2 cameras. Camera 1 is wide on the stage which myself or other Producer operates. Camera 2 is roaming the room getting reactions and close ups. Creating session recordings, testimonials and a promo of the event.

Medium event of approx 100-150 delegates, with session filming, testimonials and a promotion video, with 3 cameras. Camera 1 wide of the main stage, camera 2 a second angle of the main stage, camera 3 roaming. 2 camera operators and myself producing.

Travel and overnights are additional.

£995 / £1,850 / £2,750 +vat



Who owns the copyright of the edited video?

You do. We do not hold onto the rights of the videos we edit (unlike some video production companies).

Who is responsible for clearing copyright?

Both of us.

YOU for any material you give to us to use, we will assume this is cleared for use and it is your responsibility to ensure it is fully clearled.

Any b-roll or music that we add from our own resources we are responsibly for and ensure this is clear. IF we are ever unsure of copyright we will ask you if you feel it’s a risk you want to take or not.

Unlimited? Really?

So what does unlimited actually mean?

The restriction with unlimited is that we can only work on one video at a time.

You can give us as many videos as you like, however, they then enter into a cue and we only move onto the next in line once the active video has been marked as COMPLETED by you.

Can I cancel at any time?

YES. You can cancel the contract at any time. You are paying in advance so if you pay on the 10th of the month you have paid for that coming month’s video editing.

You can cancel at any time and we continue to provide the full service until the end of that month.

What does 'all content' mean?

If you are a ‘Runner’ or a ‘Producer’ package you are probably using your videos for many different things rather than always for YouTube.

You can have a testimonial video, or a sales video, or a video to promote something.

If you are a ‘Director’ level package, of course you can also choose to have a different style of video. However, it is more normal that your videos need to stick to the weekly broadcast schedule you have created.

Of course if there is time in between your weekly uploads for additional videos, you do have unlimited so we can jump right onto any other kind of video. There are some exceptions, such as: Sophisticated animations, Explainer Video Animations and Speaker Reels. This is because of the additional production required for these.

Do you do all those on screen animation text things?

Yes.  We will add all those kind of elements.

We usually add:

Your name lower third
A sting / bumper
Call to actions
In screen animated text.
Full screen animated text.
Call to action
YouTube graphics for youtube videos.
Other random effects depending on your plan.

If you are a ‘Director’ level these will be bespoke, for other packages these will be customised templates.

But everyone is personally branded and created to match your style.