Why have a speaker reel?

 Whether you are a professional speaker or using the speaker platform to become recognised as a leader, and claim you space as an expert in your field, or using the speaker platform to raise the profile of your brand.  There is no doubt about it, being a speaker lifts your authority.

If you have decided to take this more seriously as a tool or even as a revenue stream you really do need to have a speaker reel.

With a professionally created speaker reel you can bring together all the material you have into a clear message and showcase of your ability.

We take the material you have and creatively work around that.

The key is to develop a narrative flow, a storyline that weaves your message into a strong pitch.  

The first step is to book a 15 minute informal chat with me so we can assess what your needs are.

“we specialise in speakers with little material to work with”

You only need a small amount of material to have a powerful speaker reel.

We watch through all the speaker footage you have and pick out the best bits, auto and images, and use this as part of creating your narrative.

If we don’t find the right sound bites we’ll use other creative means like animated text, or voiceover.

In general it’s different for each person.

Whatever you have even if that is limited, we’ll create a story around you and your speaker goals.

 This package starts with a 1 hour consultation on what you want to achieve and what you have footage wise. Then we create a draft and discuss this with you again before creating the final video.

 (we recommend updating your speaker reel about every 6 months – 12 months depending on how much new material you’ve been able to acquire, updates are £145 plus vat)


Most business owners fall into the trap of having just one segment of video in their business, but there are in fact 4 essential videos every business needs to have.