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How to deliver your content in the most effective way?  Yes there is a formula to follow whatever video you are creating.

If you are going to be making all that effort to create a video, don’t let the script let you down.

Sometimes you should have a fully written script, and when you don’t you need to have a script structure to follow.


Do you want to look super professional on camera?

Lets get 2 areas sorted, your zoom call and your pre-recorded video look.

Look more professional in your everyday video chats and lives, as well as have a great set up for your pre recorded videos.

And how to use your smartphone to film.


This simple but thorough training takes you from zero knowledge to understanding  how YouTube works and how to use it to grow your business.

A step by step best practice programme of how to launch on YouTube, the principles and the how to, for your channel as well as each video.

Then learn how to get those first 100 subscribers.


All that work to create a video and so many only get posted once.  Sometimes that posted video isn’t even searchable.

Our leverage system gives you a publishing and scheduling strategy to make the most out of each video.

So you videos can be maximised, making one video fill a week of content, and continue to be seen and bring your business after that.


Create a highly effect plan to maximise your content, leverage your knowledge in the best possible way to become the no brainer expert in your niche, get found and get booked.

Have an unlimited supply of content ideas which have been strategically chosen to position yourself where you want to be.


Doing your own editing is a great way to become better at filming yourself.

In this training I teach you how to use Filmora to edit your home shot videos.

 Learn the principles as well as the basic fundamentals in step by step lessons.

Unleash your creativity and learn to love editing.


Ready to go ALL IN?  Want it ALL?

Then grab this bundle offer and dive into video mastery today!


There are so many easy improvements to make to your video creation that have MASSIVE impact on your video results. Our training means you learn what these are.


It’s never too late to start your video journey or to begin working to make your videos even better.


Get access to a live weekly Q&A with Justina in a members only Facebook Group.


Have videos that get you results and help you grow your business.


I have 30 years experience and hundreds of videos for many niches, you can trust this training.



Who owns the copyright of the edited video?

You to. We do not hold onto the rights of the videos we edit (unlike some video production companies).

Who is responsible for clearing copyright?

Both of us.

YOU for any material you give to us to use, we will assume this is cleared for use and it is your responsibility to ensure it is fully clearled.

Any b-roll or music that we add from our own resources we are responsibly for, we ensure this is clear. IF we are ever unsure of copyright we will ask you if you feel it’s a risk you want to take or not.

Unlimited? Really?

So what does unlimited actually mean?

The restriction with unlimited is that we can only work on one video at a time.

You can give us as many videos as you like, however, they then enter into a cue and we only move onto the next in line once the active video has been marked as COMPLETED by you.

What if I have an urgent edit?

Our working hours are 9am – 6pm Monday to Friday GMT.

When we first onboard you we will discuss the timings and if we need to arrange a ‘normal’ different working time of day we will do our best to accommoate that.

However for ‘out of hours’ work for fast turnaround we do add a surcharge of £150 for that video.

What if I don't manage to send you my video edit one month?

Video edits can not be rolled over into  the following months.

How do I send you my video material?

We currently use Dropbox.  So during your on-boarding we will set up a shared drive.  If you’ve not used Dropbox before we will guide you through set up and you will need to join Dropbox.

The folder we share with you can be kept empty except for when we send you finished videos and when you upload new ones to us.

What is a promotional clip?

This is a short clip of your main video, anything from 15 seconds to 90 seconds created to capture a social media audience’s attention.

You can choose whichever one/s for the best location where you are present on social media.

Squares can be used for instagram, facebook, linkedIn and Twitter quite successfully.  Vertical is great for IGTV and stories of course.

AND we create the subtitles for these as well.

Can I cancel at any time?

YES.  You can cancel the contrat at any time.  You are paying in advance so if you pay on the 10th of th month you have paid for that coming months video editing.

You can cancel at any time and we continue to provide the full service until the end of that month.

What does 'all content' mean?

If you are a ‘Runner’ or a ‘Producer’ package you are probably using your videos for many different things rather than always for YouTube.

So you can have a testimonial video, or a sales video, or a video to promote something.

If you are a ‘Director’ level package, of course you can also choose to have a different style of video, however, it is more normal that your videos need to stick to the weekly broadcast schedule you have created.

Of course if there is time inbetween your weekly uploads for additional videos you do have unlimited so we can jump right onto any other kind of video.

There are some exceptions.  Sophisticated animations, Explainer Video Animations and Speaker Reels.  This is because of the additional production required for these.

Do you do all those on screen animation text things?

Yes.  We will add all those kind of elements.

We usually add:

Your name lower third
A sting / bumper
Call to actions
In screen animated text.
Full screen animated text.
Call to action
YouTube graphics for youtube videos.
Other random effects depending on your plan.

If you are a ‘Director’ level these will be bespoke, for other packages these will be customised templates.

But everyone is personally branded and created to match your style.

Can I use your video for paid ads?

Yes and No.

Yes for any paid ads that are on social media or YouTube.

But No for commercial ads, these have a very different clearance process which is very detailed and requires a far greater production workflow.

We do hold the clearcast certificate to be eligable to clear for TV commercials, however if this is what you are looking for we will have to give you a specific quote so please get in touch.

Can someone else use my allotted video edit?


We have decided that you are not able to transfer your video allocation to another person, this is because we work hard to develop your brand and get to know your brand style.

Because of this the first videos take much more of our time, we are happy to do this because we want you to have the best experience.

However to switch to another brand on the same subscription would make this price point too challenging to work within.

What 'extra's'?

We really believe in making the most of every bit of video content to really leverage your content.

You can have reversions of your main video made up for social platforms and in the corresponding ratio and tech specs for example once you have promoted your video with a promo clip then a few days later you can post the video in full on that platform, but set in a square or a vertical, with subtitles.

Additional Thumbnails for either split testing or for your reversions.

You may wish to have more than one promotional clip and you might want the same promotional clip in an extra ratio.