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Grow your business with scroll stopping video.


Most business owners fall into the trap of having just one segment of video in their business, but there are in fact 4 essential videos every business needs to have.




Anyone can have video in their business, the problem is that with so many videos out there it’s hard for your video to stand out, and our audience does expect us to have video.

To get noticed on video you need to be constantly upping your video game, adding all the time to your video portfolio and improving the quality (and that’s not always about the tech).

It’s no longer enough to just have a video. You have to have a great video; the right content, for the right person, in the right place.

James Wedmore, Marie Forleo, Stu Mclaren, Amy Porterfield, all use video to build their audience, increase their authority and create ACTION!

They use video in different ways, and they all  recognise video as a big part of their business and they all keep raising their video game.

You can grow your business with video too and with us we help make your video live as easy as possible.

And it doesn’t have to cost the earth.




Many businesses have video these days, but the thing that makes a video get results is largly down to the strategy of the content, and how it is delivered – aka the script or structure!

If you are going to be going to all that effort to create a video, make sure you are shaping it in the right way, for the right audience on the right platform.


  • Learn the fundamentals of all scripts.
  • Use our script or script structure templates for 8 Videos: sales, promotions, branding, youtube trailer, value added content, testimonials, live streams, vlogs.
  • Learn how to use 2 different kinds of autocue; for your phone, or desktop/laptop, and download our tips sheet.
  • Which videos should be fully scripted and which should have a structure.
  • How to ensure your videos sound like you!
  • Learn how to weave story characters into your videos and use the 3 Act system.


It’s my mission to make your video life as easy as possible for business owner experts, consultants, coaches, therapists and creatives.

For the last 25 years I’ve been helping people be their best on camera from celebrities to presenters to CEO’s and business owners just like you.  

Whether you need professional video filming, editing services, speaker reel, consulting or you want to learn how to film yourself (which everyone should be able to do) there is something for you here. 

In my career at the BBC I was one of the pioneers of the self shooting TV Producer, and I still run my own video production agency where I work on multi million video marketing campaigns, and I work with some of the UK’s leading coaches.

Whatever your videos needs we are here ready to be your video partner when you’re ready.  

We’re here to make your video life as easy as possible.