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Fixed-Rate Video Editing



  • Connect deeper with more people.
  • Create relationships with the many.
  • Consistently show up effortlessly.

Justina Rosu, ex BBC Production, 25 years experience.
Trusted to train TV staff, create video for global brands, and leading UK coaches.

meh to marvellous videos

Creative. Consistent. Communication.


Reclaim your TIME!

Let go of the things you CAN outsource and focus on growing your business. Editing can take up a significant part of your workflow so leave it to us.



Outsourcing your editing with our service gives you more time to focus growing your business. Plus more material to use through your social media to raise your visibility.



Videos with the professional edit polish simply elevate your status, it’s the ‘phenomenon of video’.


Repurpose existing content

Let’s face it as a personal brand you are likely to be generating a lot of content. Ping us live streams, old video footage, even blog posts or key messages and let us repurpose it into a video.


On Brand

We understand how important it is that your brand personality is well interpretted, so we take great effort to ensure you are happy with how we do this.


No More Worrying about Editor Absence

By coming to us you get the best of freelancer and agency, you have a dedicated Editor and a secondary editor who knows and understands your output.


Fantastic. Fuss Free.



Gather your footage and simply pop it into our shared dropbox folder, and complete the submission form.



We send you a feedback link where you can add your comments, and we update any feedback until you are 100% happy. 



And we move onto your next video, if you are on a membership, or we wrap up your single or campaign final files and send those to you.


Our Clients. On Video.

Well crafted and positioned video can become your competitive edge
to elevate your status, captivate and convert your viewer
to take their next step on their journey with you.


There is no time like the present to get your brand into the world.

Start with our free no obligation 30 min consultation where we can assess your needs and how video can fit to support your business.

If you like what you hear and sign up you get a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not 100% delighted.



NO hidden costs, NO added extras.



Justina is amazing. Stop reading this and hire her. But if you’re still here reading… here’s why; she gets who you are, what you are trying to do and makes it happen creatively.

She helped me get my YouTube channel off the ground both strategically and creatively. 

As a producer, editor, channel manager and pretty much your partner in crime for all things video, she is your one stop shop.

If you are struggling to let go and outsource (yep I’m a certified control freak), then take a deep breath, because she is that rare person you can really trust will deliver what you want and more.

Vita Canis, Jitka Krizova

I have been wanting to get into video for years, and I started with Justina’s scripts course, which really helped me learn what to say. But I still procrastinated, so I signed up to be coached by Justina and have her do my editing also.

My videos are now videos that I love to watch, before I couldn’t bring myself to watch them, my filming skills and confidence are so much better technically now too. 

We are still in the middle of the programme, but my YouTube channel is growing, my videos are ranking and popping up in the search results that we planned, I had never before looked so strategically at my content.

If you are feeling stuck Justina is your answer.

Nicoline Huizinga, Visibility Strategist

Justina is just brilliant at clarifying your business message and mapping out YouTube strategies.

Her ideas and insights on video making are easy to apply and motivating. She really got me back into the game of getting myself out there again, supporting me with every aspect of video recording like selecting the best background for my videos, preparing powerful scripts and recording my videos in the most natural way.

If I wouldn’t have had Justina in my corner, I wouldn’t have had the videos I have today, but even more importantly, I wouldn’t have a video strategy to build on for the next couple of years. I highly recommend working with Justina!


We help personal brands grow with effective video – it’s what we do.

Our 4 part ‘THE ENTREPRENEURS VIDEO ADVANTAGE METHOD’ is the complete picture on how to use video to stand out in front of your viewer and have their attention like holding their hands and looking into their eyeS.



Who owns the copyright of the edited video?

You do. We do not hold onto the rights of the videos we edit (unlike some other video production companies).

Who is responsible for clearing copyright?

Both of us.

YOU for any material you give to us to use, we will assume this is cleared for use and it is your responsibility to ensure it is fully clearled.

Any b-roll or music that we add from our own resources we are responsibly for and ensure this is clear. IF we are ever unsure of copyright we will ask you, if you feel it’s a risk you want to take or not.

What if I have an urgent edit?

Our working hours are 9am – 6pm Monday to Friday GMT.

When we first take a new client onboard we will discuss the timings. If we need to arrange a ‘normal’ different working time, we will do our best to accommoate that.

However, for ‘out of hours’ work for fast turnaround we do add a surcharge of £150 for that video.

What if I don't manage to send you my video edit one month?

Video edits cannot be rolled over into the following months. If you are having difficulty coming up with ideas as us for a complimentary ideas call.

How do I send you my video material?

We currently use Dropbox. During your on-boarding we will set up a shared drive. If you’ve not used Dropbox before we will guide you through set up. Next step would be for you to create a Dropbox account.

The folder we share with you can be kept empty, except for when we send you finished videos and when you upload new ones to us.

What is a promotional clip?

This is a short clip of your main video, anything from 15 seconds to 90 seconds created to capture a social media audience’s attention.

You can choose whichever one/s for the best location where you are present on social media.

Squares can be used for instagram, facebook, linkedIn and Twitter quite successfully. Vertical is great for IGTV and Insta stories of course.

AND we create the subtitles for these as well.

What if my needs don't fit into one of the packages?

No problem we do also create bespoke packages unique to your needs.

We have clients for also have these services:

YouTube Mgt
YouTube Uploading
Course platform updating
Social media posting
Filming training
Home studio set up training
White Label
Team consulting
Faster Turnaround
Higher volume
Lower volume
Producer support
Script Writing

Of course these bespoke packages are costed individually, if you are interested in a bespoke package please book a free 30 min consultation.

Can I cancel at any time?

YES. You can cancel the contract at any time. You are paying in advance so if you pay on the 1st of the month you have paid for that coming month’s video editing.

You can cancel at any time and we continue to provide the full service until the end of that month.

Do you do all those on screen animation text things?


The usual additional elements are:

Your name lower third
A sting/bumper
In screen animated text
Full screen animated text
YouTube graphics for YouTube videos
Other random effects depending on your plan

Can I use your video for paid ads?

Yes and No.

Yes, for any paid ads that are on social media or YouTube.

But, No – for commercial ads, these have a very different clearance process which is very detailed and requires a far greater production workflow.

We do hold the clearcast certificate to be eligable to clear for TV commercials. If this is what you are looking for we will have to give you a specific quote so please get in touch.

Can someone else use my allotted video edit?


We have decided that you are not able to transfer your video allocation to another person, this is because we work hard to develop your brand and get to know your brand style.

Because of this the first videos take much more of our time, we are happy to do this because we want you to have the best experience.

However, to switch to another brand on the same subscription would make this price point too challenging to work within.

What if I want repurposing of my main video content?

This is a great idea and one we recommend, however, you need to purchase both plans.


Do you do 'unlimited' video editing?

Unlimited editing packages aren’t quite what they appear to be, they operate a ‘queue’ system so one video can not be started until the current one is signed off.

Instead we believe in giving you the service you need, which is why we have created the packages we have created based on a weekly package or weekly video.

Our service means you are able to meet the deadlines you need to meet, instead of being potentially held up while a video is being signed off.

I don't want to do my own filming, do you film?

YES, we are highly experienced with original content filming.

Events, course content, youtube content, brand video, and campaign collections.
These are £2800 for a day’s filming and editing.

Or £1200 for a day’s filming if you are on our content creator plan, and we film 8 videos in a day.

If you want filming as part of your subscription package please add £600 per month.

Please book a 30 minute consult if you would like to know more.

*plus vat