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We love creating video marketing that help brands sell their products, BUT this has become somewhat of an uncomfortable business to be in as excess consumerism contributes to plastic pollution.

Every human has a responsibility to do what is in their power to help make a change.

For us this means supporting the sale of products from brands who are being part of the CHANGE that needs to happen. It means that we go out of our way to support 100% eco brands and emerging eco brands.  And it means that we ourselves as a company run our own affairs in a sustainable and responsible way.


Hi, My name is Justina Rosu, and I’m the founder of Purple Square Video. I started this business in 2011 after a long career at the BBC.

While at the BBC I worked across a broad range of areas, from live broadcast, to network transmission, programme making, programme commissioning and development.

After taking redundancy from the BBC and then exploring some alternative career paths I decided to start my own video production business, which back then was a very daunting prospect since social media was not yet a ‘thing’.

As technology has developed, video marketing has become it’s own niche and we have enjoyed specialising in a few areas over the years, from animation to food, entrepreneurs and personal brands to today and our primary focus on setting a new standard for subscription video editing for eco conscious and responsible FMCGs.

High quality service has been ingrained in me through my career at the BBC. In fact, even before that on my first part time job as a student when I worked at McDonalds. The work ethic and customer service at McDonalds is to the day still with me, then at the BBC where our standards are world class.  These are the building blocks Purple Square has at it’s foundation.

Quality of work, client respect and dedication, care and compassion go hand in hand and is how we deliver our services to all our clients. Our aim is to make video as easy as possible for you.

You are the change-makers and innovators of a better tomorrow, we are part of your support team.

We want to help speed up the switch over to 100% sustainable and eco friendly products for our planet, we believe every company that produces should be contributing to reversing the damage on our planet, and contribute to the clean up.

Climate change, CO2 emissions, food production, fast fashion, rainforest destruction, animal endangerment, community displacement and destruction… humankind has so much knowledge and capability if only it could be directed for everyone to benefit from it wherever they live in the world.

Generations from now this time will be looked back on as when the change started.



Our driving force is to make having video as easy as possible for your team, so that your brand and mission can grow.


Creativity for us opens up solutions to problems too. We don’t believe in the word ‘no’ there is always a creative solution.

sustainable economy

Every small change matters, we believe in making small steps in the right direction for big collective changes.


Supporting mental health we believe creates an environment that serves our clients in the best possible way.


Change comes with familiarity, we actively encourage inclusion in the videos we produce and in the team we are building.

how are we helping

create a SUSTAINABLE economy



Cleaning up our planets water ways and Oceans is great but we need to stop the bleeding, we need to start using the technology that we have for better packaging solutions.

Every brands producing consumer products needs to take responsibility and work towards changing packaging and production to be environmentally sustainable.

  • Each month we sponsor video editing for an emerging brand
  • We are a 'climate positive workforce' offsetting our team footprint

clean up

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is around 1.6 million square kilometers – bigger than Texas.

On UK beaches there are 5000 pieces of plastic & 150 plastic bottles for each mile.

88% of the sea’s surface is polluted by plastic waste.

These statistics are shocking and saddening, and it wont go away without intervention. so we support the The Ocean CleanUp on their mission and technology to clean it up.

  • Ocean clean up monthly contribution of £1 per new video


The small things matter, changing our personal choices for more sustainable ones, and helping to raise awareness of the alternatives and possibilities for sustainable alternatives.

At Purple Square we believe in contributing where we can to building a more sustainable future and part of this is rebuilding the amazing benefits of forestry and re-wilding our plant.

  • Every month we fund a new tree for each new video





My career before founding Purple Square Video was at the BBC working across many areas of the production process, from development and pilots to programmes and promotions.

I now have over 30 years in the industry of TV and video marketing, my favourite part is ideation and strategy!

I’m passionate about small changes to reduce plastic, mum of 3 young adults and two crazy dogs, malinois Russell and staffie Lucy!




I’ve been working in the industry for 14 years, working up from a production assistant to camera operating, editing and producing.

I am a huge advocate for animal liberation and environmental change. When I’m not working, you’ll often find me on long walks with my dog Monty in the woods!




I’ve previously worked as a Marketing Executive and International Relations Officer within PR and I hold a master’s degree in Business with International Management.

I am a huge supporter of humanity, neutrality, impartiality, and independence. I also plant a tree every birthday.

I start my day by doing yoga also am a huge dog lover!




I’ve been lucky enough to work across genres, and have experience in television, short films, music videos and features, from comedy and documentary to sci-fi and experimental.

I also love letting my pet gerbils climb over my head!





I have been making sense of numbers and translating them for business owners for over two decades and I always avoid accountancy jargon.

I’m passionate about numbers becoming a driver in a business rather than a chore.

Away from numbers, I’m a genealogist and historian of my area and will publish a local history of the village I grew up in this year.




I’m a multidisciplinary creative focusing on video & motion graphic work. What I enjoy most is helping clients share their brand stories, helping to transform consumer choices for the better.

I’m also an aspiring roller-skater and pursue gig photography whenever I can!




Being Creative has always been my passion, alongside this I found a keen interest in marketing through the use of social media.

I love doing my part for the environment and have made mindful changes to my lifestyle. In my spare time, if I’m not hiking up a mountain, I am out and about walking my German Shepherd, Wolf.


one new video = one new tree

We pledge one new tree for each new video to support reforestation

one new video = less plastic

We donate £1 for each new video every month to removing plastic garbage from our oceans and waterways.