who am i anyway?

 At 18 years old I had secretarial skills and a ton of ambition.

 ‘Television Production Assistant’ the words jumped off the page, the skill set matched my strengths, I had found my career. I typed up my CV, photocopied it 100 times, and posted them off.

I had only one reply, the BBC.Over the years I worked my way up to Acting Production Executive.

My career was full of amazing experiences.One high point was being part of the small team that launched the BBC’s first digital channel ‘BBC 3’,

I was also one of the first to train Producers in how to film their own footage and edit themselves, creating low budget programmes and unique fly on the wall exposure to stories. 

Now running my own Video Production Company, we create videos from global corporates to household brands, with a specialism in food filming.

Coming full circle I am training and mentoring small business owners and teams in how to make effective video with smartphones, leveraging social video and YouTube.

Nearly 30 years on and I’m on a mission to help business owners to have purposeful videos that get results.

Meet the team! 


You don’t have to have any special kit to get started, but if you are ready to invest these are my recommendations.