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it's as easy as 1, 2, 3

1: pick your routine

The first step is to choose the foundation of your routine. There are three different foundations to choose from, one will fit your way of working. 

Your value add video needs are as different as your skin, but there are three core routines that seem to cover most needs.

Step one is to decide what is the perfect fit for your brand and your team.  We can help you decide if you’re not sure.

Prices are individually calculated based on your unique combination of needs.  To give you an idea we have clients on packages ranging from £600 to £15,000 per month.

We believe the best value for you is one that is tailored to how you work and what you need. This is why we have chosen not to have an ‘unlimited’ or ‘fixed plan’ way of working.

However, we DO believe in creating partnerships, being committed, cutting through red tape and making getting your video content flowing as smooth a process as possible, which is why we use this subscription model.


If you know the deliverables you wand and you want them regularly, this is perfect.

Typically these are a set number of reels or TikToks or a weekly YouTube video and supporting shorts.

The key is it’s a fixed list on a fixed timetable.

set mthly deliverables


For those of you who need to be flexible because you don’t know what you’ll specifically need each month, or what you need changes month to month, this routine has your covered.

Calculated on an estimated average number of hours each month.

And don’t worry if you use more or less the balance is rolled over.

average mthly hours


For some brands, you need us in a more ad hoc solution. If you company can’t commit to a subscription this solution means instead you can commit the funds one batch at a time and we will run the batch down.

Enjoy the same benefits as subscription members – starts at £5,000.

This could be to cover overflow, or your funding might come in per campaign.

committed by batch

2: choose your glow

Second is to decide if you want to add a glow, this will be added onto your foundation routine. Pick none, or pick all depending on what your brand needs. If you’re unsure the next step will help you out. 

ideation and content planning

Perfect for Independent Beauty brands who need a helping hand on what can be done with the assets you have.

from £200 pm +vat

content filming

We offer a range of value-add filming services. Justina is an experienced video Director and Producer and we have our own video crews we bring in matching to clients and shoots.

from £2,500 pm +vat


Take advantage of our own networks of people who can be called on to generate UGC and testimonials.

from £600 pm +vat

YouTube management

Let us take the pain out of your YouTube channel management, we are experienced in best practice optimising and growth.

from £500 pm +vat

ONE OFF: video efficiency consultation

making sure you have a joined up video approach between teams to maximise your video use.

price on application

ONE OFF: internal VIDEO team recruitment

making the right internal video team hire is critical, we can help you through the process.

price on application

trusted partnership services

  1. award-winner video ads
  2. strategic YouTube relaunch
  3. video performance tracking
  4. social media managementnt
  5. PR & comms
  6. PPC
  7. website & branding

price on application

3: book your consult

The third and final step is to book a call so that we can review your picks, and decide if they are the best for your ‘skin type’ aka your brand. No one brand has the same identical needs, just like your skin. 

Now that you know your ROUTINE and your GLOW it’s time for us to have a friendly chat to confirm your value-add video package.

This is your opportunity to ask questions that perhaps aren’t covered here.

Once we are clear on what you need and how we will deliver those needs we can start our super-fast onboarding process!

Ready, steady, add value!

You can email Justina directly if you want to check over anything before spending the time on a video call justina@purplesq.co.uk.

You can call or WA text: 07515 867444 or call 0204520 9444.

Click the bottom below to book a video call.

OR best yet let’s meet in real life for a coffee and chat about how we can help you maximise your content with value-add video.


care benefits include...

healthy savings!

  • NAccess to our stock footage, images and graphic libraries.
  • NDedicated Project Manager as a central point of content.
  • NIdeation meetings and development.
  • NAccess to 40,000+ tracks & 90,000+ sound effects in 170+ genres in our audio library.
  • NInstant real time access with UK time zone. Out of hours access by arrangement.
  • NUK video editors and animators.
  • NComplementary filming training for EGC and Rookie Influencers.
  • NEasy to use collaborative feedback tool.
  • NEnjoy peace of mind as we back-up and archive all work after delivery.
  • NUnlimited client users per brand.
  • NPre shoot consultation for either professional or low-fi, ensuring you maximise your investment.

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