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Gemma was one of my very first coaches and mentors. Over the years we’ve handled a few video projects for Gemma.

YouTube CHAnnel

You can check out Gemma’s YouTube Channel by clicking below!


As part of the Events package, before the event we created a social video promotion based on the speakers and the location without any filmed footage.

We filmed the event live with a 3 camera set up, and 3 crew and we generated a heap of content. From that we created individual testimonial videos, as well as a compilation testimonial video.

We filmed all the presentations and created a set of videos covering the content of the 2 day event which Gemma went on to monetise. To promote the following year event we then also created 3 promotional videos, and additionally created social versions of each of those.


We created this beautiful speaker reel for Gemma to highlight her expertise to speak on stage. Feel free to take peek! 


We filmed for one day with Gemma and get footage for her launch and branding.

These are some of the videos we edited from that shoot. In addition, we packaged up a collection of useable b-roll clips so that Gemma’s team could use them themselves within their everyday content creation.

This was the last shoot before I purchased an autocue, and in discussion Gemma was preferring to not use one anyway. The outcome from that meant we have a good few bloopers, so I made a video just with these and can you believe it this video went viral within Gemma’s community, it’s still talked about 2 years later.

Gemma SOLD OUT her programme.