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Inevitably the question of “do you have a YouTube Channel?” is one I ask frequently as I begin chatting about video with new clients. I have yet to meet a new client who has got it right on YouTube. Many are using YouTube but sadly very ineffectively. It can be frustrating because it is incredibly easy to create a channel and turn it into an effective marketing tool.

Why? Well, perhaps your business has been so busy you’ve missed the video revolution? Here are five reasons your business will benefit from having a YouTube Channel.

1. Your SEO  

You’ve heard of SEO I’m sure, business owners small are large are spending hundreds and thousands (and I don’t mean the cake topping) every month on social media and efforts to raise their SEO. YouTube is the second largest search engine, so why are you ignoring it?

2. In video links  

By setting up your channel as a YouTube partner annotation become enabled.  This feature means that you can add direct links to your website.  This means that if someone finds your video after making a google search they don’t have to click into your channel or type in your website address (sounds silly but your average viewer can’t be bothered to do that).  However, with an in video link they can click directing into your website !! Very cool.

3. Professionalism  

Social media is now a recognised tool in marketing, you work hard to ensure your brand is clean and appropriate, but then you have a YouTube channel that looks completely amateur and suddenly your hard earned reputation comes crashing down.

4. Giving your Brand a voice 

The beauty of a fully optimised YouTube channel amongst other things is that you can also set a ‘feature video’, this means that any viewer not already a subscriber once they land on your channel the video automatically plays! wow what a sales tool.

5. Brand credibility 

If you see a ‘gallery’ or ‘portfolio’ tag on a website do you find yourself drawn to it? We all are. A picture tells a thousand words, and well, I don’t have that much time and I just want to see images to get to know your business. This is what YouTube provides, it’s your ‘gallery’ order it well, of course, with play lists that make sense to your viewer.

There are lots of ‘how to’ videos on youtube if you need some help to set up your own channel – have fun!