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How is your marketing budget looking? If you’re like most brands you’ve been feeling the squeeze and it doesn’t look like it’s going to ease up for a while yet.

If you’re thinking you might need to cut back on video content to help reduce your budget, think again with these creative budget busting ideas.

We’ve put together five ideas to help counter your budget cuts, and at the same time possibly generate even more content than before with these creative budget boosting ideas.

Push video content further with pack shots and brand elements.

We often create stunning videos like this in only a few hours. Think about incorporating this kind of video to enhance the costly video shoots, or even to replace them. I’ll talk about how to get more from your video shoots next week!

Many brands are stuck in a mindset that they need to always use real life video content with the product in use, and static images. However there is so much creativity that can be pulled from only having packshots and using motion graphic design to bring the video to life, and it doesn’t need to take a long time either.

Get creative with EGC and CGC.

“Employee-generated content is what has put the @WeAreCisco team on its path to success, with the metrics to prove its value.”

You don’t have to rely on expensive video shoots to capture on-brand compelling video content. You might have already started experimenting with Employee Generated Content and Consumer Generated Content.

Today consumers and team members are often already really comfortable making videos on their phones, creating TikToks for fun, so it’s not a big stretch to bring those skills into the videos for your campaigns but also as your ‘business as usual’ content.

If you’ve not yet explored leveraging this style of video consider incorporating this as a normal addition in your content planning, it’s genuinely authentic, its personal and one of the reasons it’s so engaging is because, well I mean who doesn’t like to see a bit of behind the scenes action!

Viewers who are already fans will feel closer to your brand, and viewers not yet customers will feel more connected and will convert easier.

repurposing cross platform and leveraging SEO.

Hopefully you are no stranger to running your content across all your channels, but you might be being held back by getting caught up in the annoying world of needing to resize and jiggle the content about to fit the technical specs for each platform – and particularly if you are running ads where the specs can be even more restrictive.

“Oh… don’t tell me your brand STILL isn’t on YouTube?”

You don’t want to be wasting your working hours faffing about with these details or worse missing opportunities. In our experience it’s fairly common that this kind of help can all through the cracks of the usual video support, either by not covering all the reversions in their contacts, or not being affordable or not being able to turn the work around fast enough to meet your deadlines.

Working with an agency like ours means you never have to worry about that again, we are ready when you are to jump in and fix all the reversioning needs fast, and cost effective.

So what about SEO? Specifically repurposing content to  YouTube and Pinterest has the added value of being search engines too.

Subscription solution for video editing.

save up to 70% when you switch to a subscription service

Using a video editing subscription service like ours helps you to keep your costs down and yet get more video and static image content.

The reason it’s so cost effective is because of the high value of commitment. Developing long term client relationships benefits us both, you have a team that feels like an in-house team that knows your brand that understand how your team works that is able to be as involved as fits your needs, from just following a brief fast and efficiently to contributing to ideation and creative concepts.

And we are able to repay your commitment with highly discounted rates. The returns are even greater the higher your volume.

The subscription concept means that we are able to keep the costs super low, so much so that it is comparable to hiring a freelancer, or having a staff member, but you enjoy all the benefits of an agency with a wider pool of skill sets, not needing to worry about holidays time off or sick time off, someone is always available.

Squeeze more from your influencer content.

Influencer content is compelling and they don’t have to be big influencers either, micro influencers are highly effective also. What you might be missing however, is using their footage to its fullest, and there are two ways that are often overlooked.

The first is just how often we receive influencer footage that is already very restrictive because of how it’s been filmed and then delivered to the brand. Ask your influencer to also send you the clean footage, before they add captions or emojis or effects, and ensure when they film that they are leaving space around them when filming a whole head and shoulders shot. We often want to be able to move the shot one way or another, and a shot that is filmed too close to the camera leaves us little room to maneuver. More on getting the most from influencer footage coming soon.

“61% of consumers trust influencers’ recommendations.”

The other way to squeeze more from your influencer content, provided they have given you clean video footage without captions etc is to slice and dice your influencers. You can plan a single script and have several influencers deliver the same catch phrase, campaign slogan or message and mix up the video like that. Or create more montage effects from several influencers. Use just two influencers and split the screen showing different customer profiles or different products. There are so many possibilities with creative thought and execution.

2023 is set to be another challenging year for the food and consumer goods industry, dominated by recession, inflation, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and consumers cutting back on spending….   issue 8 from IGD

If you’d like to see examples of any of the ideas shared here please book a call because much of our work is white label and can’t be shared publicly.

Find out more about our video editing packages and to book a call go here: https://purplesquarevideo.com/pricing/

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