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Okay, so this isn’t a sexy subject but it’s how Marketing and Brand Managers can get 10x or 20x ROI from your primary creative investment.

Are you a one-and-done marketer or a one-and-squeeeeeeze everything from it and then index it marketer?

Most creative agencies are now asking the question ‘do you also want a vertical version, a short version….’ but it’s not where their heart is. (I’ll tell you why later)

We call this kind of content ‘value add video’ strictly speaking it’s not only video, we also call it ‘secondary production’.


QUESTION: Should you be using them to do all the secondary delivery?

You hired this agency for their reputation, creativity, ideas and commercial awareness, they are an award-winning agency.

Their attention is, rightly, on the Primary TV Ad or Digital Ad campaign, you are paying a premium for them – does it make sense for them to do the secondary production?

… supporting actor enters stage left….

yes this is where we come in as your specialist secondary production agency, also known as ‘Value Add Video’ (and more than video – keep reading)

I encourage you to do these two things:

1️⃣ start thinking about the secondary creative up front alongside the primary.
2️⃣ bring in experts in secondary production from the start (yes a complementary agency like ours)

This is more than resizing your primary creative, it is also….

🔥 Filming behind the scenes on the shoot.

🔥 On-set interviews of key people maybe the Marketing or Brand Director sharing insights, or it could be a career ‘spotlight’ type of video. the content could even be for internal training use.

🔥 During a ‘take over’ activation it could be a video of the team when they are visiting it, or vox pops of the public and what they think.

🔥 This can also be done on phones by the team, with the right planning and make it sing with our dynamic editing of that material.

🔥 After the campaign, we often create celebration videos to showcase the results and how it was all done to share internally. Over the years we have creating some awesome out-of-the-box thinking ways to bring the results to life. These videos are often shown at company conferences.

🔥 Then your ‘repurposing’ doesn’t have to just be about resizing, but can be about remaking, for example creating mash-ups with influencers and UGC with the product.

These are just SOME examples of how having a Secondary production agency, or a ‘Value Add Video Agency’ can get you 10x or 20x or more from your primary creative.

I offer 30-minute mini-workshops to help reveal all the hidden gems that mean can get a shed load of more video content from your existing assets and opportunities. What’s the worst that could happen? A nice conversation and maybe some fresh new ideas.