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This month (Sep. 2015) we filmed one of the many central London high rise developments in action. 

Eurotop Fixing Limited specialise in window and cladding installation and technology. Working with their Italian partners Focchi Limited who design and engineer the glass facades, also called ‘curtain walling’.

The Video Brief

The brief was to create a film that showcased how the installation process was conducted, to highlight their health and safety procedures, and feature their unique fixing clamp which Eurotop and Focchi developed and engineered together.

By using this fixing clamp health and safety is improved and the installation process is more efficient. I spend half a day to recce the location and observe all the stages of the installation, so when the day came the shoot was planned in detail.

The Filming Day

It was an early start being on site for 6am near Vauxhall Tube Station, in fact, you can see this building from the train on the way into Waterloo. To kick the day off we, of course, had a safety briefing with the site safety officer and as a production team.

Andy was cameraman, Sophie 2nd Camera and Camera Assistant, and I was directing and managing – we had a long schedule of shots to make sure we captured everything. For an October day we were very fortunate with the blue sky, but don’t be fooled, when you are up 5th, 6th and 7th floors and no windows are in, it’s mighty cold. The light was hard to work with due to the high contrast, so we had to spend a little extra time placing the shots, but we came away with some stunning footage.

Usually about fifteen glass units would be installed in a day, so we expected to have plenty of opportunity to capture every stage of the installation. However, it turned out that there was a training session for the site staff which was not scheduled so work stopped for a couple of hours, then with two deliveries coming in and other unforeseen activities only four panels were installed. Thankfully we did manage to get all the footage we needed to show the process.

Nipping over to an adjacent building we shot some great external images of the glass panels being installed, however, when there are no lifts installed carrying heavy kit there really isn’t much ‘nipping’ to be done easily.

In the edit we stylised the footage with some split screen action, this meant we could communicate more of the process without extending the duration of the video, which was already around the two minute mark – quite long enough for a corporate video. With some snippets of voiceover, and some well selected music the video comes together nicely. The target audience are those already in the industry, and those already with some knowledge of this technology.

Marius Hirtan, Director of Eurotop Fixings Limited said;
“.. the day held some challenges for the team, when the delivery truck unload was delayed and we had to pull our team to attend a safety meeting, so I was very impressed when Justina and her team were still able to capture everything on the shot list. They worked incredibly hard all day, and the results are just great, we are really happy with the outcome”. 

Check it out for yourselves!  

A great video to work on the Eurotop and Focchi guys were extremely helpful, friendly and professional making this corporate video one of our favourites in the making and the final product.

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